Life Groups

In times of need and times of fun, Life Groups are your source of friendship, growth and support. Our Group life has 3 different tracks for you to get involved with.

Life Groups: These are groups of 3-12 people that meet weekly in homes or business in our community to discuss the biblical teaching from the series we are in. This allows us time to process the teaching and dig deeper into scripture. We think the combination of relevant teaching and bible study provides the best environment for spiritual growth. This is an intentional way we have a discipleship based culture at The Life. We value learning and growing together in community.

Activity Groups: These are groups of people that gather together to enjoy an activity. Groups are as diverse as we are and could included anything from badminton, basketball, biking or basket weaving (although I don’t think we’ve had that group… yet). The groups allow people to come together around a common interest and enjoy the community of your church family.

Missions Groups: These are groups of people that are involved in being the hands and feet of Jesus in our broken world. Although we see brokenness all around God does not leave us broken but invites us to partner on mission with him and bring hope and restoration. Groups serve in a wide variety of ways from raising awareness of modern day slavery and human trafficking to playing bingo with the elderly at a nursing home or helping our local school with needs that we are made aware of. This is a great way of meeting people who share your passion to live on mission with God.

Group Life is your key to developing connections with those who share your interests. They provide an opportunity to reach out to others, while growing in your walk with the Lord.

For more info check the connection card at our Sunday gathering or visit the welcome desk in the video cafe.  We believe, you’ll never fully experience all that The Life has to offer until you connect in a Group.

Growth Track

God has incredible purpose for your life and Growth Track is offered to help you connect with that purpose.

Our Growth Track is offered each Sunday help you have a seamless transition into the life of the church. Each week following every service a team member leads a TABLE TALK at the Family Table in the Video Café. Each discussion last about 45 minutes and is a fun interactive time of sharing about our church family. This also serves as our membership class and where you can be informed about how to serve on one of our amazing teams. At The Life, there’s room at our table…

Table Talk I

The Gospel: Know God and The Church

This is a fun and engaging discussion to help you learn how we move theologically as well as culturally. We’ll share what the gospel is and how that impacts the culture vibes here at The Life and how you can partner in the mission. Table Talk One happens the first Sunday of every month.

Table Talk II

Rhythms: Unpack spiritual habits for Life

This is a great conversation about building spiritual rhythms into your life and how to live as a Christ follower. Talk Two happens at the family table the 2nd Sunday each month.

Table Talk III

Purpose: Discover you unique gifts

This is where we help you discover and identify ways that God has wired you to partner in the mission of restoration to a broken world. We serve you by helping you understand your personality and spiritual gifts. By discovering this it frees you to be prepared to serve others in the way God designed you to do.  Your life will never fully makes sense until you see your story, interest, personality and gifts through the gospel. Talk three happens on the third Sunday of each month.

Table Talk IV

Team: We partner to make a difference

We want people to find a love and passion for Jesus and His work of renewal in our world. Talk four allows you to start that journey by giving you a backstage pass to the ministry directors we have at The Life!   You’ll here about ministries we are involved with, both here at The Life on Sundays and in our community throughout the week. Based on your personality and spiritual gifts that you discovered in Table Talk Three, you will be able to connect to the team that best fits your design. This is where you can partner with us to lead people to live life to the full in Christ. Talk four happens on the fourth Sunday of each month

We’re so glad you’re here, Theres room at the table for you…


TEAM LIFEGUARDS are groups of incredible people that have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them. We don’t use the term volunteer here at The Life – Instead we call our Teams that serve TEAM LIFEGUARDS, because they give LIFE to every environment they serve in! They are on the lookout much like a Lifeguard on duty… they are here to serve, to help, to bless. We believe each and everyone is a vital team member. From creating a comfortable environment by serving on a Connection Team, to leading children and students to Jesus in our Family Ministry Team, to prayerfully crafting a dynamic experience with the Music, teaching, Video’s programs or communion elements, our Lifeguards are making a difference.

In addition, from our very beginning, The Life, has always been focused on serving our world. From local food pantries to providing clean water to a 3rd world country, we actively look for way’s to bless locally and around the world. Lifeguards serve by tearing down barriers across our region by serving in neighborhood’s, ministering to children, homelessness and partnering with organizations against modern day slave and sex traffic market as well as bringing relief to hurting places in our world.

Lifeguards are here to serve and make a difference by modeling generosity and compassion. Each month we have training classes at Growth Track: Table Talk III TEAM: Discover my purpose, where you can learn more. If you desire a life filled with joy and growth and community, come join the team of Rockstar Lifeguards!

Get Involved

Ready to take the next step in your journey? Click on a link above to discover info about our Life Groups, Growth Track or how you can join a team and serve in a ministry as a team member. Here at The Life we call our teams serving and leading  “Team Lifeguards”.